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Fintech Scion Limited (formerly known as HWGC Holdings Limited) is a publicly listed investment holding company on Nasdaq (Stock Code – HWGC:PKC).

Bank accounts
receiving settlements and facilitating payouts to third parties.
Processing payments
over 500 global payment methods.
Recurring billing

enabling recurring billing for merchants

Providing corporate cards

that are linked to the merchant’s account.

Together with its subsidiary companies, Fintech Scion Limited has created a comprehensive financial ecosystem that caters to merchants of all sizes. This ecosystem provides a range of financial services, starting from new businesses transitioning to online platforms and processing transactions to SMEs, offering them dedicated bank accounts to fulfil their banking requirements.

The Fintech as a Service suite offered by Fintech Scion includes:

Processing payments through over 500 global payment methods.

Developing landing pages for merchants to sell their products and services.

Enabling recurring billing for merchants interested in subscription-based business models.

Providing invoicing services.

Offering bank accounts for receiving settlements and facilitating payouts to third parties.

Providing corporate cards that are linked to the merchant’s account.

Offering foreign exchange (FX) services and support for global expansion.

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Trusted by 10,000+ world-class brands and organizations of all sizes

Fintech Scion is in growth mode, acquiring service providers that enhance the ecosystem with a variety of payment offerings. This expansion allows these companies to leverage their existing services within the group and foster their growth.

At the heart of the ecosystem lies Fintech Scion’s core system, which is integrated with several KYC/KYB providers, Banking-as-a-Service infrastructure providers, and Open Banking providers. This aggregated approach streamlines automated onboarding and by leveraging multiple AI-based rules engines from third-party providers, leads to faster onboarding with risk mitigation supporting merchants to reach a larger global client base.

Fintech Scion’s companies have facilitated over USD 500 million in B2B financial transactions to date. They offer a wide range of services, including IBAN payment and settlement accounts, credit card processing, exchange services, eCommerce solutions, and wire transfers. The company also serves as a strategic global gateway cashier for B2B2C commerce, providing payment and banking solutions in 9 different currencies across 150 countries.

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