FintechCashier keep gaining a foothold in the US landscape

LONDON, March 16, 20223

Fintechcashier, a London based fintech company, is pleased to announce its attendance at the upcoming Fintech Meetup to be held at the Aria in Las Vegas next week. The event promises to provide the FinTech industry’s best and most trusted content, created and delivered by more than 175 subject matter experts across 11 tracks and 60 sessions.

Fintech Meetup is one of the most anticipated events in the fintech industry, and FintechCashier is excited to be part of it. With the combination of Fintech Meetup content and Community and Sponsored content, topics to be covered include B2B Payments & Finance, Banking-as-a-Service & Embedded Finance, and Platforms, Infrastructure & APIs.

“We are thrilled to be part of the Fintech Meetup in Las Vegas,” said Shalom Dodoun, CEO of FintechCashier. “As a fintech company, we always look forward to attending events that offer insights into the latest trends and innovations in the industry. We believe that Fintech Meetup will provide us with an excellent opportunity to network with other industry experts and showcase our own cutting-edge technology solutions.”

The Fintech Meetup will take place from March 20-23, 2023, at the Aria in Las Vegas. Fintechcashier invites all attendees to reach out Shalom Dodoun, CEO and founder of FintechCashier together with Natalie Kastberg and Yasin Qureshi for meetings.

About FintechCashier:

FintechCashier, a payment gateway and solution provider, which guarantees a seamless, transparent, and fast portal for their clients to receive the transaction related funds of their customers, to manage their cash flow, and to make settlements. FintechCashier supports a wide spectrum of services, ranging from credit card processing, exchange, eCommerce and wire solutions. ONE Application, ONE Integration, GLOBAL REACH.


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